Lady Parts – parts for ladies – it’s that simple.

Lady Parts started as a theatre company creating and promoting strong roles for women. The remit has expanded somewhat but that remains at the heart of it – women across the arts are doing brilliant things, and there are still shockingly few decent roles for female actors, opportunities for female directors, and less visibility for female viewpoints and history to be heard. This is a platform for just that. The words are mine but the movement needs all of us.

Reviews Does just what it says on the tin. Arts. Theatre. Books. Female led, female stories or anyone who might not get a look in otherwise. Under-represented groups making cracking work.

Research┬áThe day job – I’m a researcher, and I’m hoping to share the latest findings on prostitution, homelessness, the media, and anything else that catches my eye.

Recommendations Lovely things to see and do in Edinburgh and beyond. Plus the best places to grab a cuppa whilst you’re doing it.